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In the unfortunate event of a death or serious injury, funeral arrangements and other end of life costs can cripple families. When looking to alleviate the risk of that, you need to weigh up your life insurance options with Compare Life Insurance.

Our service is a comprehensive answer to your questions on insurance policies and services. By simply entering some important details about yourself and the type of cover you require we will send you some preliminary quotes your best options through our providers. What’s more, we have access to a large range of life insurance companies in the Australian market to give you a truly professional life insurance comparison service.

We only do business with reputable providers who are known for generosity and honouring contracts. Having years of experience with companies of good management and history, we assist our clients in gaining access to millions of dollars in claims each year. When injury or death strikes, mortgages, rent, children and assets go into financial limbo, along with the distress resulting from a loved one’s departure. Ensure you have the best plan when you use our services.

Consider the following when choosing a provider:

  • The cost of insurance premiums and how much per month is owed.
  • Contract details surrounding payment of those premiums
  • Exit clauses
  • The conditions under which you experience injury or death, and if this affects the outcomes of claims.

With our expert advice, we can enable you to take these considerations and move them to the next level, recommending the right provider for your life insurance. Our life insurance comparison service is industry-leading and can cater for every budget.


Compare Life Insurance can offer industry leading advice on the insurance industry. Get a quote today or contact us on 1300 610 216.

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