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AIA (American International Assurance) Australia first started in 1970, and is part of AIA Group which has over 90 years of experience in continuing to deliver leading insurance services. AIA Australia is constantly developing a different range of solutions in order to continue delivering some of the best life insurance solutions for their clients that are up to date and flexible. AIA life insurance Australia continues to focus on developing niche products which are both affordable and customer focused.

AIA Australia provides insurance protection for over 2 million Australians and in 2010, paid over $360 million in claims.

AIA Life Insurance Australia continues to build a strong reputation on how well they handle claims, and continue to strive to develop and offer innovative products to ensure their customers come first.

Every client is different. This is why they offer a straight forward approach to life insurance. They are able to combine different cover types within a single policy, tailored to help meet the specific needs of the individual.

Their products are designed to meet the client’s insurance needs some of which include:

Constant product reviews and changes ensure the client has a great level of cover at very affordable rates.

AIA Australia continues to help clients protect the things that matter most. Insurance options from AIA Australia are designed to provide customised protection for specific risks.

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